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Yellow Wheel

Three words that describe this company
Chaotic, Rigorous, Genuine

Company bio
Yellow Wheel strives to be at the forefront of contemporary dance practice for young people in Victoria. We encourage the growth of the unbridled ambitions of talented young artists and challenge expectations in the search for innovation. At Yellow Wheel everyone is given the opportunity to foster their creativity and connect to the professional dance industry. Under the artistic direction of Adam Wheeler and facilitated by Joshua Lowe, Yellow Wheel offers a number of programs throughout the year nurturing young people in their pursuit for artistic expression. Our dancers come from a vast range of schools, universities and institutions all with the common goal of being part of collaborative, creative and innovative contemporary dance practices. The age range of our dancers is 14 to 24 years old. The average age is 18.

A day in the life of...
Yellow Wheel is a youth dance company based in Melbourne, Australia. In a regular week, we meet every Tuesday and Sunday to do class and rehearsals. Adam, our artistic director, teaches most of the classes while occasionally guest teachers come in and teach. Adam’s classes are always good fun. We often start with a ‘shake, rattle and roll’ – improvising in the dark to a different prompt per song and having a good jam before getting into set material. We love a good old school of fish, where we improvise and explore possibilities together as a group and develop as a company. Overall, Yellow Wheel is the place for explorations and realisations as we encourage individuals to investigate their own personal artistic development and have a strong focus on highlighting the unique things each individual brings to the room. Internationals would enjoy spending time with Yellow Wheel as we have a welcoming and warm vibe that makes you feel at home. Nat Kwen, 20

What can we offer?
Yellow Wheel is a big company of 25-30 dancers and would love to accomodate a big group before the week of AYDF (week beginning 1 July). We would be able to billet or be happy to help a company find accommodation in the city, there are lots of options. We would love to make something with a company prior to AYDF and present it but are always open to new and exciting opportunities. 


Melbourne, Victoria

Main contact person
Adam Wheeler, Artistic Director
Phone: 042 390 3568

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Footage of recent work
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