Teacher Information

Ausdance Victoria provides support for the delivery of VCE VET Dance by partnering with schools or studios who wish to deliver the subject.

Partnering with Ausdance Victoria eliminates the long and costly process of establishing a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) structure for your school, or of adding the course to your scope of registration if your school is already an RTO delivering other VET subjects.

In addition, Ausdance Victoria also provides:

  • A supportive community of existing teachers and experts

  • Professional development days for VCE VET Dance teachers

  • Student industry days, linking your students with leading dance companies and dance professionals

  • Comprehensive resource kits

  • Statement of Attainment for units successfully completed and a Certificate of Attainment upon successful completion of the full course for each student

About the course
The VCE VET Dance program aims to provide students with the technical and performance skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success within the dance or entertainment industry. Upon successfully completing the course students receive a Certificate II in Dance and can also receive a study score (ATAR).

The course covers developing and refining basic dance techniques, developing a basic level of physical condition for dancing, preparing for dance performance and other topics. VCE VET Dance encompasses a wide variety of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, street dance, tap and social dance styles. Students without prior dance experience can undertake the course, as well as experienced dancers.

How much does it cost?
Please contact vet.vic@ausdance.org.au for more information.

What do schools need to do to become an Ausdance partner?

  • Engage a dance teacher who is eligible to teach VCE VET Dance: they must hold or undertake Certificate IV in Training and assessment TAE 40116, and be competent to teach a minimum of two dance styles

  • Provide a suitable safe studio space

  • Sign a Partnership Agreement with Ausdance Victoria

  • Maintain regular communication with Ausdance Victoria, and uphold the requirements of the Partnership Agreement.

Ausdance Victoria staff provide guidance in setting up VCE VET dance at your school, and ongoing support to your VCE VET Dance teachers. If you only have a small number of students at your school consider the option of partnering with other nearby schools in a cluster to make it feasible.

If your school is outside Victoria, it is still possible to be a partner.

Next step? Email vet.vic@ausdance.org.au to get in touch.