Image: Jasper Da Seymour Photography.

Image: Jasper Da Seymour Photography.

Stompin Youth Dance Company

Three words that describe this company
Bold, Curious, Adventurous

Company bio
Stompin is a leading youth dance company in Australia, recognised for its unique, site-specific work and its commitment to the regional Tasmanian community. We promote creative and healthy lifestyles for young people through an arts based dance practice; providing a platform for our young dancers to explore issues important to them and their community. Our work is bold, engaging and ambitious. Our dancers are creative and curious, and our team is dedicated to the growth of contemporary arts practice in Tasmania and the dance industry at large. Our dancers on average are aged 16.

A day in the life of...

"In rehearsal for major shows we have creative intensives with the guest artist that is every day for a week (these happen roughly three times throughout the entire rehearsal process of about four – five months), where we are learning about the artist’s practice, their movement, and what their vision is for the show. There is always a lot of discussion on the topic of the work as well, and each individual dancer’s perspective is taken into account, and a lot of the time made into movement, which is then performed in the show. When the guest artist isn’t there, we are working with the Artistic Director of the company to create and test out other movement that could go into the show, as well as working on our technique and fitness. 

As a site-specific company, Stompin is always creating new memories in amazing locations throughout Launceston and Tasmania, so a lot of places in Launceston have new meaning for me now. We did a show in City Park, which has always been a place I would go to read or meet friends, and now it’s even more special because of the memories of the show that I was a part of. Another thing to do is go to the amazing weekly Harvest Market which provides locally made produce ranging from baked goods to fresh plants to incredible brownies, and there is almost always some awesome live entertainment of local musicians and dancers. Stompin also performed there for BOFA Film Festival’s promotion of their 2015 season."
– Ebony Nichols, 20

What can we offer?
We would like to run a four day dance adventure on the East Coast of Tasmania. Up to 10-20 visiting dancers would come along with the Stompin Company (approx 15 dancers) to immerse themselves in a camp style program of dance classes and choreographic development. Stompin will cover the costs of the camp for visiting dancers. We will have local artists in teaching and mentoring roles and there will be opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of our Island. 

We are interested in a small or regionally based dance company that might have a similar approach/ethos: 
– Focus on the company members creative expression/choreographic voice and collaboration
– Site-specific company or one that has a focus or interest in land/environment
– Core company around age 15/16

Dates: 17 - 21 July 2019 (week after AYDF)


Launceston, Tasmania

Main contact person
Caitlin Comerford, Artistic Director
Phone: 0413 832 703


Footage of recent work
Via Vimeo