QL2 Dance

QL2 Dance

Three words that describe this company
Create, Collaborate, Perform

Company bio
QL2 Dance is a vital and unique contemporary dance organisation committed to supporting the artistic development of dance artists in the Australian Capital Territory, from young to established. QL2 Dance is Australian youth dance at its best, transforming young lives and nurturing Australia’s future dance professionals. We are dedicated to diverse, challenging and rigorous youth dance, which develops the next generation of dance-makers and contributes to a dynamic, caring and diverse society. Our dancers are aged from 13–21.

We run programs that focus on igniting and developing young peoples creative energy and dance skills. Developing their dance technique and physicality as well as their understanding of dance making and performance through hands-on projects. QL2 Dance is also an artistic hub for emerging and independent dance artists.

A day in the life of...
An example of a Sunday rehearsal day in preparation for our Playhouse season (biggest production of the year at QL2 Dance): 

"You wake up, it’s freezing, you dread going. But, you get there and instantly your energy changes. You are surrounded by people who love what they do and love what you do. Warm up starts and when it finishes, you can feel your body pumping blood to all your extremities, making you feel limber and fluid. Then it hits you, you have a massive day ahead and you cannot wait to do it! You get assigned different pieces throughout the show and meet your choreographers; Quantum Leap Alumni internationally recognised and praised or professional choreographers from around Australia. it’s all apart of the Quantum Leap experience! What makes it even better is that they don’t put steps on you, it’s usually the other way around. The process is creative, inclusive and collaborative, making it everyone’s piece with everyone’s choreographic input. 

Fast forward a few hours (days/months) and your brain is just as tired as your body. You have been working all day, making, creating and dancing a work that means something to you. Further, you have learnt so many new things about dance and the world you are surrounded by. As the seasons we do usually have an influential idea behind them, you research, learn and project those learnings and ideas into the choreography that YOU created collaboratively. Once your long day is over, you go home, write whatever you need to write down about the day and then you take a looonnnggggggg bath. The days and life of a Quantum Leaper are creative and inclusive, never the same, always learning, forever fulfilling."
– Jessica Nicholls, 17

What can we offer?
We are a youth dance company based in Canberra, Australia’s capital. We are funded by ArtsACT and have permanent dance studios at Gorman Arts Centre in the city centre. 

We could host a company within the following schedule:
29 & 30 June 2019: Work together in our studios towards a joint project.
1-3 July 2019: Studio time for your own rehearsal and/or sightseeing (there is much to do and see in Canberra and we are within 3hrs drive of Sydney) Your dancers could also join our training program in the evenings (2 classes each night)
4-6 July 2019: Continue working together in our studios towards our joint project.

Alternatively your company could come for a shorter shared time 4–6 July.
Maximum number of dancers: 10 to 15 dancers
Accommodation: We recommend booking at the YHA in Canberra City which is within walking distance to QL2’s studios located at Gorman Arts Centre.


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Main contact person
Amélie Langevin
Email: amelie.langevin@ql2.org.au


Footage of recent work
Via Dropbox link