Professional Learning for Teachers Day 2

Israel Aloni

Israel Aloni

Thursday 30 May 2019
Upstairs Studio, Dancehouse
150 Princes Street, Carlton North
9.30am – 12.30pm

Devising choreography for large groups with Israel Aloni

This workshop is ideal for dance educators/makers who work with and devise choreography for large groups.   

During this workshop, Israel Aloni will provide tools in making and refining movement sequences, investigating the ability to reinvent the physical and mental experience within a set sequence. They will challenge the dancers/performers to genuinely respond and react to the environment with every single movement. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to further the exploration of the body, mind and spirit connection in order to dismantle the artists’ limitations and intimidations.

Aloni will propose tasks and improvisations to generate materials and concepts with their specific approach to the making process through references to other fields of knowledge as well as the human being as an infinite source of both content and context.

About Aloni’s practice:

Aloni’s research and making choreography is multidimensional. They are interested in the particularity, delicacy and refinement of the mind and body connection. Following this fascination, they are developing a unique method which challenges the existing consciousness about the body as a demonstration of the self in the physical world. Aloni is interested in liberating the body, too it is able to follow the mind including its imagination and dreaming abilities, follow the mind’s infinite range and capacity to excite, trigger and invent, without straining the body.

This is all informing the methodology which is utilised by Aloni to make movement patterns and physical narratives.

On a parallel dimension, Aloni draws on references from sociology, anthropology, biology gender science and history in their practice. Such references offer a broad context to the themes that Aloni investigates and tackle in their choreographic practice.

These two routes of exploration offer a multidimensional correspondence between movement, spacial architecture, performance sensitivity, emotional/dramatic delicacy and sincerity in the making process.

In the workshop Aloni will share key points from both these routes and offer a rare glimpse into their particular landscape of questions which they are exploring and experimenting with their choreographic practice.


Israel Aloni is an independent contemporary dance maker and performer. They are the Artistic Director of ilDance ( which they also co-founded with Lee Brummer in 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Aloni is the architect mind behind the international cooperation project -  International Contemporary Dance Collective ( Between January and October 2018. Aloni designed and artistically directed Tr.IPP which was a unique pathway for artists in the dawn of their career in Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, Aloni is a member of the advisory board of BIRCA - Baekkelund International Residency Centre for Artists in Denmark.

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