Origins Dance Company

Three words that describe this company
Innovation, Artistry, Unity

Company bio
Origins Dance Company is an exciting performance based company that provides developing young artists with professional level performance experience and exposure to leading contemporary dance choreographers and artists in Melbourne, Australia. Our dancers on average are aged 16.

A day in the life of...
"On Sunday mornings I come to Transit Dance at around 9am, an hour before I start Origins Dance Company class/rehearsal to ensure that I have enough time to warm up my body, go over choreography from previous rehearsals and have a chat with other company members as they arrive. We start off with company class, a contemporary technique class designed to warm our bodies for about an hour, usually with Tiffany, and boy does she get us warm!

After the company is motivated for the ahead day, we split into groups and start creating movement phrases. Our choreographers always test us, sometimes with creative tasks, other times we learn choreography and have to dissect and find individuality within a common phrase. The challenges always excite and inspire me. We then show what we have created to the rest of the company and choreographers, this can always be nerve racking but it is so rewarding to see what everyone else has come up with. Then everyones’ favourite part of the day... LUNCHTIME! Lunch in the foyer which pretty much consists eating, a lot of talking and a lot of laughing before we head back in to class.

We warm our bodies and minds again with some fun games that get our brains working again for the last half of the day. We need the concentration because it can go by so quickly. For the rest of the day we split into small groups again to learn phrases from Lachlan and Tiffany or work closely with Jayden on a group task. At the end of the day, we go over phrases from previous rehearsals and show everyone everything we have created and developed so far. Our days with Origins Dance Company push us creatively and physically. Its always so exciting to see the creative process unfold and perform such amazing shows at the end of the term." 
– Yvonne Huang, 18

What can we offer?
Origins Dance Company is a project based youth company. We run alongside a Contemporary dance education institution, Transit Dance. We have many options and would love to communicate with Artistic Directors and collaborate on how we can best work together whilst here in Melbourne. We have amazing facilities, including our own theatre, studio, full time faculty and dance educators. We are very welcoming and open to ideas and plans and are happy to host visitors the week before AYDF.


Kensington, Victoria

Main contact person
Jayden Hicks, Director
Phone: 042 374 4860


Footage of recent work
Via YouTube