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In 2017-2018 we partnered with the City of Whittlesea on the development and delivery of a community dance project called “Knowing You, Knowing Me” (KYKM).

Through the primary medium of dance and inclusive physical activities, we have connected individuals and groups within local communities in council’s area.

We ran over 120 free weekly dance sessions with the community in Mernda, Doreen and Epping from August 2017. These sessions consisted of routines to popular and cultural music, collaborative dance-making, to performance-development and basic dance techniques, and covered a broad range of dance styles.

Archivists film screening invite

The Archivists was created in collaboration with the local  community and the stories that they shared with us throughout this project.

The Archivists are from an unknown place. They appear at twilight.
They travel through towns and cities, across plains and over mountains, to distant shores in many lands. 

They collect words, phrases and stories of everyday triumphs, false friends, precious treasures and of journeys undertaken. 

They distill and transform these experiences into single gestures repeated over and over until their bodies absorb and understand the depth and meaning of an experience.

The Archivists wear paper clothing covered in invisible words. Their heads are illuminated, to see and read in the dark. 

Like human statues, they move almost imperceptibly, pausing to recollect a gesture, and the person from whom that gesture came.