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The Flipside Project

Company bio
Catapult Dance Choreographic Hubs' youth initiative: The Flipside Project is a contemporary dance and collaborative choreographic program for young people bade in Newcastle, New South Wales. The Flipside Project provides opportunities for young people and emerging artists to collaborate with some of Australia’s most esteemed professional contemporary and independent dance theatre choreographers; inspiring and mentoring them through a long term collaborative, creative process. Flipside provides young people the opportunity to create and perform in original contemporary dance works that simulate the professional dance industry, collaborating with professional composers, visual designers and production teams.

Flipside's Intensives Programs are devised to simulate the working processes of a professional contemporary dance company, through daily morning contemporary technique class, creative task development, choreography and rehearsals, working together to create new full length contemporary work.

The Flipside Project strengthens the presence of contemporary youth dance, creating a non-competitive, inclusive hub for young and emerging dancers: extending their networks and profile both in the professional arts and broader community.

A day in the life of...

"The Flipside Project is an amazing way for young people to connect with each other, choreographers, visual artists, composers, and an audience. We create compelling dance works that you would not traditionally see from young people, our subject matters tackle real-life issues and events. Our choreography process includes tasking and improvisation, which then with the help of an amazing choreographer, will be turned into an amazing dance piece.

Being apart of The Flipside Project has exposed me to so many different ways of looking at choreography and creating a dance piece, all choreographers work very differently yet every time we come out with an absolutely beautiful work. I love that it’s also not just about the dancing, we talk a lot on social issues in The Flipside Project, these points aren’t spoken about in a traditional dance school setting which is great that we have a voice and can communicate our emotions and stories through dance. All in all The Flipside Project is one of the greatest things I have ever been a part of, I have made so many friends, learned from amazing choreographers and have had so many amazing performance opportunities and I am very thankful."
– Bella Fairbrother, 16

What can we offer?

  • 1 week collaborative project with The Flipside Project – up to 12 international guests – 1–5 July
  • Billeted accomodation with Host Flipside family
  • Day trip to Sydney with Flipsiders on the 30 June


Newcastle, New South Wales

Main contact person
Cadi McCarthy
Email: director@catapultdance.com.au


Footage of recent work
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