Teaching Dad to Dance

Photo of Yellow Wheel , Photography by Maylei Hunt

Photo of Yellow Wheel , Photography by Maylei Hunt


Teaching Dad to Dance (TD2D) is a program where primary school students become teachers and leaders. The program provides students with critical, artistically engaging and collaborative opportunities in enjoyable, supportive environments. Through TD2D students and adults will bond, break a sweat, and feel empowered and excited about dance.


Teaching Dad to Dance takes place in classrooms and digital environments.  It is designed to be delivered as either an ‘Arts on Tour’ and/or ‘On Call’ engagement. This program is suitable for upper primary and includes the following themes:


•           Improved communication skills

•           Knowledge of diverse dance styles – Ballet, Jazz, Latin Fusion and Urban Dance

•           Learning choreographic skills

•           Inspired creativity


The program addresses the Australian Curriculum; the Arts, Dance Bands 3-4 and 5-6.

When asked, “Who can dance worse than you?” often the answer is “Dad” (with apologies to fathers out there, many of whom are really very good movers and shakers). 

If Dads are not available other options can include: Mum, or an uncle, a big brother, a teacher, or the school’s Principal).

We encourage facial hair (fake or real).


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