Education for Teachers

Ausdance Victoria is the peak body for dance and the Subject Association for Dance in the state. This means we take a real interest in what schools, teachers and students need to roll out Dance in the curriculum.

We often provide professional learning seminars when we see a need, or when called on by the industry.

Dance Teaching skill set online


Ausdance Victoria is the brains and talent behind the first Australian Dance Teaching skill set. We are a Registered Training Organisation, and can provide you with nationally recognised vocational training.


The Dance Teaching skill set is perfect for updating your teaching skills and knowledge in an ever changing world of expectations, standards, laws and regulations. It’s a must have for studio teachers who work outside syllabus organisations and for those working with community, young children and seniors. While teaching in primary and secondary schools is a state based Education Department decision, having the skill set may give you an edge and provide assurances. Graduates of the skill set receive a statement of attainment for 5 units of competency. This provides you with proof of the skills and knowledge you need as a dance teacher. Many of these units can have credit transfer applied if you decide later on to do a full Certificate IV or Diploma in Dance Teaching and Management.


We are currently working to make the an online/blended learning program (2 x weekends face to face and the rest online) but will be exploring a fully online version.

Stay tuned!


To register your interest, please contact Katrina at


Professional Learning:


Dance standards in practice

In this workshop we explore the movement skills required across band levels (F-10) in the Australian Curriculum. Fun, stimulating and eye opening, this session is for teachers with a range of fitness levels. All you need to bring  are clothes to dance in, curiosity and enthusiasm.



•           75-minute session, for primary and secondary school teachers (generalist or specialist dance/PE/music /drama or other)

•           Resources for teachers – useful educational links and information on safe dance, dance spaces, good teaching practice


Choreography 101A for Primary and Secondary teachers

Forget the administration and the networking for a while and put your creativity and body first in one of these sessions. Discover the tools that will help you put together effective dance routines that surprise and please audiences, challenge and reward students and which are safe and ethically appropriate. Led by experts from the dance industry and education, this 90-minute workshop uses everyday movements to great effect. You will leave this workshop excited to create the next best thing with your students, armed with tools and strategies from the Ausdance Choreographic Tool Kit.



•           90-minute session, for primary and secondary school teachers (generalist or specialist dance/PE/music /drama or other)

•           Resources for teachers – useful educational links and information on safe dance, dance spaces, good teaching practice


Using Laban Effort Qualities to create student centred choreography

This session explores the basic Laban components of the Dimensional Cross and Diagonal Scale and applies them to the elements of dance and choreographic devices.

We aim to create a short group work in 90 minutes, so come with ready for action! A discussion follows the practical aspect of the workshop.


Developing technical competence

In place, down the room and through short sequences, this class focuses on developing basic dance skills of body control, alignment, balance, coordination, strength and accuracy.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the movement and to discuss and apply imagery, biomechanics and safe dance practice.


Improvisation and creative discovery

This playful session uses improvisation as the basis for the development of personal movement vocabulary.

We will apply a range of strategies to use in the classroom, to shape improvisations and encourage reluctant students.

We will generate new material in response to stimulus to communicate and explore story, objects, ideas and meaning.


We can also come to your school and provide:

·         Whole of staff or faculty professional learning or team building activities

·         Mentoring of junior dance staff

·         A residency with your school, providing dance artists over a term

·         One off dance sessions with your students